Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy Bonding Day

I took the day off of work today, and this is why...

I got the cutest puppy in the world yesterday. His name is Mu Shu Mendell. I've never had a dog and I'm virtuously clueless when it comes to raising a puppy. If two human babies would have been dropped off at my door I would have been fine. I would be tired, but I would know just what to do and what I would need. Puppies are a completely different story. I decided to take the day off of work so that I could bond with little Mu Shu and so that I could try to figure out what a day in the life of a puppy is like.

The first thing we did when we woke up this morning was play with the toys. Mu Shu's favorite toy is a small piece of rope with frayed ends. He had a good time romping around and playing with me. I couldn't figure out how to insert the videos into the body of the blog, they always went to the bottom, the Meet Mu Shu video came next, but if you scroll down now you will peek at all of the other pictures. I wish I was a better blogger.

After we played, Mu Shu had a little breakfast, went outside to go potty, and played a little more. Then it was nap time.

I took advantage of the situation and napped too.

Mu Shu can make himself comfortable anywhere.

He changes positions often to get the most snuggling potential.

His comfort is of the utmost importance... regardless of mine.

I put Mu Shu in his kennel (no whining, just sleeping) so I could take a shower. When I was dressed, I came downstairs to blow dry my hair. When I was done he whined to get out, so I let him out while I put my make-up on. He loves to explore, but he won't wander to far from me... yet. Even here he whined for me to pick him up. I used my good mommy skills and didn't pick him up until I was done.

We had to make an outing to get him all set up on the puppy care plan at Banfield at Petsmart. This is how Mu Shu travels. It's a small basket, lined with a towel. Mu Shu likes to snuggle into it. I also threw in his little lamb, and his favorite chew toy.

The doctor checked him out and said he was all good to go. The nurse showed me how to cut back the hair around his eyes so he can see better. I didn't think it was possible, but somehow that made him even cuter.

Our next stop was a visit with Shawn at his work. Shawn promptly fell in love. The feeling was mutual. Mu Shu settled very quickly into his lap.

It was happy hour, so Shawn and I got a drink and a corn dog, and Mu Shu got a treat from the lady in the drive-thru. Mu Shu and Shawn played hard. Check out the video below to see how well puppies slide on concrete.

When we got home Mu Shu was tired yet again. My boy will sleep anywhere, as long as he's touching me.

He's really good at finding the perfect position while still maintaining contact.

Even now he whines unless he can be next to me. So, basically I found out that puppies are a lot like babies. They cuddle and play for 20 minutes, eat, poop, and then sleep for a couple of hours. I love, loVE, LOVE him! Bonding complete!

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Allyson said...

I'm so glad you both are adjusting well...he did get so cute when with the hairs clipped you can see his eyes!!! I'm excited for both of you